FEEDBACK - An excerpt from the current dance and performance scene in Austria in the view of Tanzquartier Wien

WITH: Christine Gaigg/Bernhard Lang/Winfried Ritsch/Philipp Harnoncourt, Dominik Grünbühel & Luke Baio, An Kaler, Karl Karner & Linda Samaraweerova, Liquid Loft, Anna Mendelssohn, Krõõt Juurak, Physical Behaviour/Charlotta Ruth, Superamas and The Loose Collective

FEEDBACK. As a situation commentary and constructive criticism, location definition and perspective opening, address and corrective, self-perception and perception by the other, current relevance and optionality, noticing and simultaneous retrospective and outlook. As a focus, source of infection, centre. Feedback is a gift: a gift from the Austrian dance and performance scene and to it. In a compact programme focus, for three days a selection of work can be seen by artists who are working in various forms of cooperation with the Tanzquartier Wien: a compact and exciting insight into the current dance and performance scene in Austria, which makes the concept of the choreographic impressively experienceable in all the diversity of its media.

The symposium You' ve got my interest. Symposium on the economics of producing, between extravagance and calculation will take place in the framework of FEEDBACK.

Timetable Day1

Timetable Day 2

Timetable Day 3